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Delivering a great customer experience is invariably regarded as the trump card in the success of any business.

There is much debate as to what an outstanding customer experience really means, how best to measure it, who is best at it and what financial benefits it brings to a business.

The last ten years have seen a marked shift in customer attitudes - we are now more savvy, more demanding and more cynical than ever before and increasingly fickle and intolerant of poor service. We now embrace the opportunity to complain where only recently we would have shied away, and readily switch supplier if we are unhappy with how they are performing.

This all adds up - recently it’s been estimated that UK businesses are losing some £12bn a year due to poor customer service.

The facts

There is growing recognition that those organisations delivering the best customer service, not the best product will gain greatest competitive advantage.

Business leaders know the importance of customer service and want to improve it, but current activity is not delivering the results they desire.

Two-thirds of organisations believe there is a shortfall between customer expectations and customer service within their organisation.

Only a minority of organisations believe that their current Customer Experience programme has delivered the level of success they wished for at the outset.

The main issue

The biggest barrier to enhancing the customer experience is that most organisations cannot see what it is like to be one of their customers.

They aren’t internally aligned to be able to put themselves in their customers’ shoes and staff often can’t relate to the customer feedback they get.

Our solution

Using our expertise we can help you assess - and enhance - your customer experience and drive change to grow your business.

To do this successfully we:

  • Ensure your CX programme is linked to business goals
  • Optimise customer relationships
  • Address the barriers to employees working more effectively

We understand the issues organisations face in becoming more customer-focused and how to address these with proven impact on business results.

What can explore do to enhance your customer experience? Get in touch and we would be delighted to discuss how we can help you reach that next step of business growth...

How we've helped our clients

  • Establish the link between the customer experience, recommendation & key business KPIs.
  • Increase customer recommendation by ensuring staff are engaged with the customers’ ‘hidden agenda’.
  • Alter perceptions of service delivery within their contact centres, with significant improvement in customer & staff retention.
  • Transform the travel experience for airport passengers by removing the stress and hassle from their journey.
  • Address the process issues undermining staff ability to deliver a better customer experience.
  • Change the behaviour of staff, ensuring they adopt a more sales-oriented role within the organisation.

Our expertise

Dr. Gareth G Jones - CX Consultant
Gareth is passionate about customer service and has over 25 years’ experience helping clients enhance customer relationships. After obtaining a PhD in Group Dynamics, Gareth began his career at Mori. In 1989, he set up BEM, a consultancy specialising in the customer experience, where he was instrumental in establishing BEM as the leading player in the CX research arena, with their innovative and more ‘consultative’ approach to working with clients. He strongly believes that many CX programmes are under-utilised and works with organisations to overcome the ‘silo mentality’ that is often the root cause of this. Gareth has won industry awards for his work linking customer insight to changes in culture and increased profitability.

Get in touch

t: 01434 611152
e: Dr. Gareth G Jones